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Toxicity Assessments

Toxicity Assessments

Toxin overload negatively impacts health on all levels

The main culprits, which contribute to many health disorders, are pathogens (i.e. Candida, yeast overgrowth, parasites, fungi, chronic viruses, and chronic bacteria), food sensitivities, and systemic accumulation of environmental, chemical, and heavy metal toxins.

If one toxin only caused one health issue, it would be easy to discern your unique and potential underlying cause for that health complaint. However, one toxin may cause a multitude of complaints. Likewise, several toxins may cause only one specific health problem, but several toxins usually cause several health problems.

Toxins, such as those already mentioned, can have an effect on every organ, organ system, and literally every cell of your body. They can be responsible for recurring problems as well as be contributing causes to all chronic and degenerative health issues. By discovering the toxins in your system, doing the steps necessary for elimination, and learning how to best avoid future exposure, you can take control of improving your health and well-being. You will have the ability and knowledge to become more balanced, function more optimally, and maintain better physical health going forward in your life.

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If you feel any toxin overload is a contributing cause to your health complaints, or even if you are not certain, feel free to contact me about your own toxicity assessment. I am happy to discuss your results based on your scores and responses, and answer any questions you may have.

I work with my clients independently, or in conjunction with any member of their health care team. I review my clients standard blood work, any specialized testing, suggest additional testing when warranted, and help discover causes and create a plan for my clients to achieve their health goals.

If you are tired of not feeling your best and not finding answers, I urge you to contact me by phone (856) 745-2430 or by email info@juliascalise.com

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