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Dr. Julia Scalise Book

Julia Scalise Book

In my fifteen years of listening to clients say they’re overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities and financial challenges to keep up with health and wellness goals, I compiled these thirty-one tips to serve their needs. The tips are easy, mostly cost-free, and success-proven.

In this book, you will learn:
• Nine tips for improving physical well-being
• Eight tips for improving mental well-being
• Seven tips for improving emotional well-being
• Seven tips for improving spiritual well-being

Improving vitality and well-being is easier and less expensive than you might expect.

INTRODUCTION Through my 15 years in practice, I know that health and well-being are a by-product of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vitality and balance. After working with hundreds of clients, I understand there is no one formula for everyone. Instead, each person must find their unique and exclusive path to wellness based on their lifestyle, preferences, and genetic makeup. I found that although I impart quite a bit of information during my consultations, not everyone can immediately undertake all that may be necessary for them to achieve their goals. In follow-up consultations, I learned that although not all my suggestions were utilized, making even just one change, or "doing one thing", brought benefit. In these follow-up consultations, I also learned that some people felt overwhelmed and therefore made no changes. When I asked, "Could you pick one thing and work with that?" clients agreed, and by the next appointment, they had already noticed benefits. Hence, the birth of the "Do One Thing" concept. This book is to be used as a tool to help in any area that prevents you from experiencing your highest level of vitality and well-being. Some of the tips may already be a part of your lifestyle. If so, there is no need to fix what isn't broken. These 31 tips can serve as a guide to "do one thing" just one day a month, assessing your results each day. Alternatively, each tip can be used independently, for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime, for all the improvement it can bring uniquely to you. You may wish to add one tip at a time, until it becomes a part of your ongoing good habits, before moving on to another tip. There is no set time frame. This is not a multi-week wellness program where you are told what to do each week. These tips are to be used at your discretion, as often as, or for as long as, you wish. But the process and the choice to continue or not are always at your discretion, based on your specific needs and your health status. Some tips may not be feasible or practical on a continual daily basis, but they are certainly workable whenever and however you can incorporate them. Other tips are seeds for thought for you to expand upon, as you see fit. Whatever you choose, whenever and how you choose it, always base your decisions on doing your best. And we know our best changes from day to day. I know as you continue to work with these tips that you will experience the benefits intended, both in your short- and long-term wellness goals. Now I challenge you to just "Do One Thing" and witness the positive changes in your life. Julia Scalise, DN, PhD

Testimonials from Amazon.com

Made the impossible possible!
  By Adriant.esq on April 5, 2016

When I retired from my professional working career I wondered what I might do with my leisure time. I'd had a wonderful career improving the lives of people around the world. I wondered how I was ever going to top that. But top it I had to, as I obsess daily that I must be better at doing something today than I was yesterday. It made me write 7 best-selling books. And it got me invited to write for a famous international newspaper. Many people helped me do that, and most of them I now regard as my gurus. But the author of Do One Thing, Dr. Julia Scalise, D.N., Ph.D., takes pride of place. She gave me a different 'object' to be better at than yesterday - 31 of them - a month's worth. Like Jacob's Ladder, one rung at a time. Turned into a habit, it became a multistage rocket to the moon - or sun - if I wanted. It even made the impossible possible. It is the best writing I have read since my retirement. I never had much time for reading stuff like this before I retired. All work and no play made me poor company. But after just one sortie through this book, I began making friends. Now I have 10,ooo friends and family on Facebook. 100,000 on Linked In. And 150,000,000 on The Huffington Post. I coach and counsel suicide avoidance and prevention by email autoresponder now. And every day I get better and better at it. And I put it down to this profound notion of Dr. Julia Scalise to Do One Thing. It has made the impossible possible for me.

Love this book!!!!!!!!
  By Peggy on March 17, 2016

I was excited to read a book whose author I knew in high school. It is an amazing book, thorough and interesting. I recommended this book to my daughter and friends! I will keep this book on my night table and refer to it often. Thank you Julia for sharing such important information!!

Excellent book!
  By Rita Rinaldi on June 28, 2014

I just finished reading this excellent book by Julia Scalise. Although I think it is meant to be read thoughtfully over time, I could not put it down until I finished. I plan on rereading sections on a daily basis. Dr. Scalise's "31 Tips to Improve Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Vitality" could benefit anyone who desires to live a balanced, fulfilling life.

The book is fabulous....
  By Linda Sordini on January 14, 2015

Once I started to read it, I had to finish. Definitely inspired me to make changes in my life. A must read. Linda

Great read!
  By Paula Gilligan on January 21, 2015

Great food for thought! This book itself is a roadmap to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. It shows you how to by taking one step at a time!

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