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Holistic Approach to Food Sensitivity Testing

Holistic Approach to Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivity is very different from a true food allergy. Someone may not even be aware of having an issue with a certain food or substance unless they experience a severe reaction immediately. However, food sensitivities can create many health issues, whether the SENSITIVITY is severe, moderate, or even mild. Repeated exposure, frequently or daily, will have impact, but may not be apparent immediately upon ingestion.

Leaky gut, which is an increase in the permeability of our intestines, allows the food we eat to play a larger role in general for our overall health and well-being. Some health conditions, genetics, medications, and imbalances in intestinal flora contribute to whether or not a food, benign for the most part on its own, becomes like a "poison" and source of inflammation for some.

Please see my article in the Blog section: "Hidden Food Allergies".

Many do not know some of the following health complaints are related to food sensitivities and experience elimination or dramatic improvement in those health complaints once the offending foods are excluded from the diet.

Neurological Disorders: i.e. migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, ADD, nerve pain/tingling

Dental Disorders: i.e. gingivitis, periodontitis, mouth ulcers, canker sores

Gastrointestinal Disorders: i.e. diarrhea/constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gas/bloating, reflux

Respiratory Disorders: i.e. asthma, chronic nasal congestion, recurrent sinusitis, resistant sinus infections

Obesity and Metabolic Disorders: i.e. diabetes Type II, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, weight issues

Musculoskeletal Disorders: i.e. arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, rheumatism

Skin Disorders: i.e. eczema, acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, chronic rashes

If you are suspicious of food sensitivities being an underlying cause of your health complaints, know that testing is available. The testing consists of you receiving a specific test kit from Cell Science Systems, along with the information necessary to schedule a mobile lab to come to your home or office for a blood draw. Or you will be given information for a lab local to you to use. The results are processed in about 10 days and I will work with you to understand the process and how to be compliant with your unique restrictions.

Contact me by phone or by email if you wish to discuss this further or would like more information visit this website or watch video below.

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