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Individualized, effective fibromyalgia program

Whether you are recently diagnosed or have experienced Fibromyalgia complaints for some time, it is known that this is a very complex condition. Aside from the debilitating diffuse pain and fatigue, multiple other symptoms are felt by all affected with this disorder. Some but not all symptoms range from poor quality sleep, digestive issues, sensitivities and allergies, depression and mood swings, cognitive problems, headaches, cardiovascular irregularities (palpitations) and low libido. The list is more extensive and complaints vary by individuals. To date, there is not one known definitive cause nor one exclusive treatment for all. Yet as research continues, some underlying common denominators are being documented.

Due to an increase in overall pain, it is imperative to address the excess or higher levels of pro-inflammatory substances circulating in the body. These substances are signaling molecules known as cytokines. Current research also documents lower levels of another substance in Fibromyalgia sufferers known as Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) IGF-1 helps with muscle strength, stamina, endurance, immune response and improves mood. Through the research and development of Dr.Jo Serrentino and Guna,Inc. (www.gunainc.com) (www.cytokinetherapy.org) supplements are now available to address these very specific issues.

The additional complaints felt with fibromyalgia are also addressed on an individual basis. Whether they have digestive complaints, endocrine/hormonal irregularities, sleep disturbance, mood swings, or nutritional deficiencies, the overall goal is to assist my clients in achieving their maximum level of health and well being. When necessary, maintenance programs are utilized. But once the system is in better balance, less maintenance and support from supplements are needed. When the triggers are reduced or eliminated, and proper support is given, the body works on rebalancing. Overall potential for better energy, immune function, digestion, body temperature regulation, mood, libido and decreased pain are possible.

If you are looking for a new, individual, and effective approach to address all the issues from which YOU suffer with Fibromyalgia, contact me.

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