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Free Initial Assessment and the Benefits of Working with a Holistic Health Practitioner

Holistic Health Assessment

Do you have a health issue, or multiple health issues, that remain problematic despite having treatment(s) and taking medication(s)? Have you ever considered utilizing the services of a Holistic Health Practitioner who will work with you to discover your unique underlying causes to your health problems with a goal towards eliminating them?

A Holistic Health Practitioner is a trained healing professional. They work with each person based on the client's unique blend of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components to achieve health and well- being. A Holistic Health Practitioner spends more time than the usual 10-15 minutes allotted by conventional medical practitioners, allowing them to really listen to the client, and to dig deeper for answers. The focus is not just for symptom control or suppression but to look for causes contributing to any imbalances and rectifying them. They probe to discover what is necessary to achieve an individual's highest possible level of health and vitality. It may require nutritional changes, lifestyle and behavior changes, or detoxifications. Specialized testing may also be part of the process. A Holistic Practitioner should ask questions about your health issues, family history or genetic predisposition, nutritional intake, physical activity level, sleep quality and quantity, but should also determine if there are any emotional, mental or spiritual stressors connected.

For example, suppose 6 individuals are evaluated by their medical practitioners for chronic headaches. None of them are found to have any brain tumors, vascular abnormalities such as an aneurysm, or structural damage from any trauma, yet no definitive cause is discovered for the headaches. A Holistic Practitioner, through digging deeper and from specialized testing if applicable, may discover that one person may have a nutritional deficiency requiring vitamin and mineral supplementation, another may have a chronic virus such as Epstein Barr Virus causing inflammation, another may have an overgrowth of yeast such as Candida, another may have food sensitivities causing excess histamine, another may have mercury or other heavy metal toxicity, and yet another may have a hormonal fluctuation which contributes to this chronic condition. So instead of each person getting the same prescription for pain suppression, a Holistic Practitioner will look for cause, and work to supplement deficiencies, or eliminate toxins, or balance hormonal fluctuations. Any emotional, or mental, or spiritual stressors will also be considered so that they too can be addressed in an overall wellness plan.

A Holistic Practitioner will educate the client, and empower them with the knowledge they need to begin making changes and better choices. A Holistic Practitioner will give definitive information to address current health problems and balance all components to achieve wellness goals. A Holistic Practitioner will also enhance their client's chances for prevention of future illness.

I offer a free initial assessment to discuss your health concerns and goals, no matter your issue, and to point out some causes I feel are specific to you. If you decide this is an approach you wish to pursue, a consultation is scheduled.

A scheduled Initial Consultation lasts about 2 hours. At the end of the consultation a plan is designed for you, so that you may begin your healing process. It may be a single step or change, or multiple steps or changes, for it is based on your needs and goals.

If you are looking for additional answers to improve your health, and you are not completely satisfied with your level of improvement with treatments and medications to date for any health issues, then call me for your free initial assessment. See what is possible and available for you to be better, live better and feel better.

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