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Damage Caused by Fluoride?

I write a commentary on a monthly basis for Dr. Steve Markus, Centre for Dentistry, based on topics of interest to his practice, or articles he requests I review. He recently requested an article from me on the dangers of fluoride. The website : www.fluoridealert.org has important information for all to read. But I also wanted to alert anyone who doesn’t know about more issues related to fluoride accumulation in the body.

According to research, fluoride acts as an enzyme poison. Enzymes are found in raw foods and are produced by the body in the process of digestion. They aid in the break down and assimilation of nutrients. Enzymes are also needed to build up good tissue and break down bad tissue. These are known as metabolic enzymes. Fluoride disrupts the ability of metabolic enzymes to be produced and to perform their functions because, as stated, fluoride acts as an enzyme poison.

Fluoride also impacts thyroid function in a major way. Build up of fluoride, over time, from water supply and dental products, contributes to many thyroid disorders such as underactive autoimmune thyroiditis ( Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), and overactive thyroid disease ( Grave's Disease). Fluoride inhibits the output of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) from the pituitary gland. Fluoride competes for receptor sites in the thyroid gland that respond to TSH resulting in gradual hypothyroidism. And fluoride also displaces Iodine (a key nutrient in the body) from receptor sites. Low iodine levels and low thyroid function manifest with multiple complaints and symptoms. Just to name a few: Swollen eyes, brittle nails, dry hair, low memory and cognitive function, depression, chronic fatigue, difficulty losing weight, anxiety, constipation, cold intolerance, low stomach acid, increased risk for heart failure, cysts in breasts, ovaries and uterus, deep lung infections and chronic sinus issues.

Unless fluoride is avoided, these ensuing health issues are possible from dry hair to cysts to cancers. In my practice, I have clients undergo a Systemic Purification to eliminate higher levels of environmental and chemical toxins, such as fluoride. I also test for iodine deficiency when necessary and begin supplementation based on test results. If additional thyroid support is needed, I add it into a client's program.

The best way to combat any established health complaint is to

If you feel you may have a problem due to fluoride accumulation in your system, or wish to know if your iodine levels are low, contact me.

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