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Doctor of Naturology, Holistic Health Consultant and Energy-Work Practitioner

Whether you are recently diagnosed or have experienced Fibromyalgia complaints for some time, it is known that this is a very complex condition. Aside from the debilitating diffuse pain and fatigue, multiple other symptoms are felt by all affected with this disorder. Some but not all symptoms range from poor quality sleep, digestive issues, sensitivities and allergies, depression and mood swings, cognitive problems, headaches, cardiovascular irregularities (palpitations) and low libido. The list is more extensive and complaints vary by individuals. To date, there is not one known definitive cause nor one exclusive treatment for all. Yet as research continues, some underlying common denominators are being documented.

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Annually I am asked my opinion on getting a flu vaccination versus no vaccination. That is a personal choice for everyone, based on your health status, medical team advice, and employer requirements.

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Do you suffer with vague complaints but never find out the cause or get a definitive diagnosis? Do you have major health challenges yet your healthcare providers don't have answers? Maybe it's mercury toxicity?

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6 April

Life Lessons and Aging Gratefully

1. I have less control over life's events and circumstances than I thought.
2. I have more control over life's events and circumstances than I thought.
3. I value and appreciate relationships with those I love in any "here and now moments" I get to share with them.

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